OLEFA-IMMS Integrated Media Management System

OLEFA-IMMS allows schools, associations, public institutions and private companies to manage their digital and material assets in a professional way and has been conceived to respond to the requirements of organizations of all types and sizes.

Not only books, CDs or DVDs can be managed, but also any other didactic materials or technical equipments, artifacts or objects. (Ex.: video cameras, projectors, learning cases, educational games, electronic equipment, display cabinets, ...).

OLEFA-IMMS offers a flexible database architecture that has been fully optimized to realize powerful library and archiving solutions, including many modern features like barcode support and automated image processing (for photo libraries for example). The database engine of OLEFA-IMMS can be adapted in a go to the needs, workflows an local context of an organization, thus allowing them to provide outstanding services to their customer-base. 

Data entry (basic informations and metadata) is automated at a high extend and the timely effort to capture large media collections is reduced to a minimum. By using a barcode scanner it is possible for OLEFA-IMMS to find all the information concerning a media on the Internet (title, author(s), publisher, ISBN, title, ... ) and directly store it in the database. 
Once the media are stored in the database, it is possible to make it available in an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Visitors can search for media and members can make reservations. Readers can rate books they have read, write comments, recommendations and reviews and share those with others.

Powerful search mechanisms allow administrators and visitors to quickly find the resources they need.

The statistical and administrative functions allow administrators to have an overview over the stock of media, borrowed media, loans which are overdue, etc. .... Administrators can send out reminders to borrowers, take inventories, etc
Training of staff is reduced to a minimun, as the user-interface is straightforward and set up with the customer in order to match with his organizational processes.

The OPAC is intergrated in a very attractive modern website respecting your coporate identity. A very user-friendly content-management gives every organization full control and autonomy of all aspects of its website.


Check out the full  list of libraries managed by OLEFA-IMMS on www.biblio.lu.


  • Integration of the catalog into a web portal
  • Individually customized graphic design
  • Publicly available online catalog (OPAC)
  • Organization-specific categorization and classification schemes
  • Customizable data entry screens for administrators
  • Customizable views for visitors
  • Customizable (organization-specific) data model
  • Links to other databases (eg authors, readings, ...)
  • Parallel, separate databases possible. (e.g. library students, teachers library)
  • Possibility to reuse existing codes
  • Customizable stickers for the media (layout/logo + content + barcode)
  • Printable membership cards with barcodes
  • Cards with pre-printed bar codes can be associated to user accounts
  • Customizable membership cards if necessary with the Corporate Design

Functions for the user
  • Evaluation function (rating)
  • Commenting
  • Contact and feedback function
  • Suggest function (book / movie of the month, book / film on the subject)
  • RSS Feed
  • Newsletter function
  • News feature / Event Announcements / Pinboard
  • Calendar / Cultural Agenda
  • Online reservation
  • Multilingual WebFront (localization)
  • Full-text search of the whole portal
  • Simple / Advanced search function in the media catalog
  • Cross-linking of media to other media in the catalog
  • Recursive links to media (for example, by the same author)
  • Import of Antolin information

Administration / Technical Aspects / Collection Management
  • Web-based catalog management
  • Union-catalog biblio.lu
  • Automatic filling of fields via gateways (Autofill - Auto-capture)
  • Media types (Books, CD, DVD, objects, electronic documents (ebook), photos ...)
  • Different view masks per user group
  • Administration interface (Multilingual)
  • Barcode generation (based on ISBN or free code generated per copy)
  • Support/verification of codes: ISBN 10/13, ISSN, ISMN, EAN
  • Dewey similar classifications possible
  • Printable version of catalog
  • Export functions
  • Import functions
  • OS: Windows / Mac OS / Linux
  • Web application (no installation on a local computer needed)
  • Statistical functions

  • Findit / BNL - API
  • Z3950 Gateway (automated retrieval of MARC records)