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The OLEFA platform is composed of 3 core components.
  • The first component OLEFA-ILMS (integrated Learning Management System) is a highly integrated platform of tools which can be used in educational and scholarly contexts. More Information on the pedagogical an organizational toolbox can be found via the portal www.olefaschool.com
  • A second component alongside the ILMS is that of a professional Media Management System which allows institutions of all sizes to manage material and digital assets. Over 120 libraries and cultural institutions use the system today. The community-portal www.biblio.lu provides a full list of the present customers.
  • The third component is an inbuilt Content and Information Management System allowing to develop state of the art websites for organizations, schools and companies.

EducDesign.jpgOLEFA is developed, maintained and distributed by EducDesign Inc. (www.educdesign.lu) a software-engineering company located in Bettembourg (Luxembourg).
EducDesign Inc. is committed to develop innovative and practice-oriented solutions for schools and companies.

Contact us if you have questions and / or interest in any of the above services.